Paper Playing Cards

Paper playing cards are available are made of paper surrounded by a plastic coating.The material usually are art paper, blue core paper, grey core paper, black core paper. Paper cards mark easily and don't bend back into shape. They become dirty and sticky and don't slide as well as they did when they were new. They cannot be washed when they do become sticky. The colors are bright but fade as the cards wear out. If you spill a beer on a paper card, you might as well reach for a new deck. They can be easily smudged or marked with a fingernail. It is easy to crease or bend a corner.

260gsm Grey Core Laminated Paper Playing Cards Paper Cards
Wholesale 300gsm Black Core Laminated Paper Playing Cards Paper Cards
Gameland Jumbo Paper Playing Cards Giant Playing Cards Big Playing Cards
5x7inches Jumbo Poker Cards Playing Card Printing

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