GAMELAND,located in the beautiful coastal Ningbo city focusing on the R&D, sales of the board game.We have been in the field of printing for more than 20 years.

Now as the leading publisher house for board game in China, what we can supply to our customers are not limited to the manufacturing service. We have integrated the designing,producing and selling,which is a mature supply chain .GAMELAND is devoting itself into B2B and B2C structure as well as the traditional business.

GAMELAND team takes part in the board game fairs not only in the domestic fairs but also the international ones. We are open to the consumers and customers for more good idea and devoting to making creative board games to our customers with rock-bottom price.

At the same time, we sell amazing board games to Chinese customers.

E-commerce really enlarges the wholesale and distribution in China Market. We have several T Mao and JD shops for selling and promoting our board game products. GAMELAND is a very professional board game trading company and is enthusiastic to the activities in the field of the board game..In order to make our products richer and more variable, we have established our own professional R&D team to keep designing wonderful games and looking for the appropriate games from the original designer. To promote our games all over the world is our final aim.

If you want to occupy China market,GAMELAND is your best choice, the relationship between us will be reciprocal.We would like to authorize the copyright of the board game we developed to expand our distributor channel to realize GAMELAND dream and you will get abundant unique board game products and make a long-term cooperative relationship with us.We also could help promote your board games to other publishing houses if you like.GAMELAND is open to individuals,studios,and the other publishers in the field of board game industry.

Contributions are welcome.

1. GAMELAND focuses on the marketing and promoting of BOARD GAME in China,but we mainly fix on selling the family and party games in domestic market for present.

2.GAMELAND spares no effort to enlarge online market,surely, we also take part in off-line toy fairs opened in China or abroad to expand our channel of distribution.

3.More about GAMELAND, contact us without hesitation.Greater efficiency.Better sales inquiries.Stronger brands, Cooperate with GAMELAND brings your idea to reality.

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